Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update on the Trebuchet

I suppose it's about time I actually threw up a post here.

We're almost there. Seriously. It's so close, I can almost picture having to clean the pumpkins up.

After spending the last few days doing some heavy-duty trigonometry on Mr. Ludwig's whiteboard, I marked up some of the 4x4's we're using for the A-frame and, after some final checks, gave the okay for some cuts to be made. Our schools' shop teacher, the incredible Mr. Grimsley, without whose help our trebuchet would be a pile of broken sticks, used a circular saw to cut my wacky angles (around 79.9514 degrees) to give us the beginnings of the A-frame. We measured once the top was cut to fit and realized that we were within an inch of what I had predicted the width would be.

I want ice cream. Or some compensation for getting that close on a 16' span.

Seriously, though, I'm saying that my math was right and that the extra inch is accounted for by the fact that we have a pencil, a circular saw, and a measuring tape to work with.

Hopefully, we'll have the majority of the construction done within the next few days. Then...test launches!

Here goes nothing.